About tomer hen

I’m a serial entrepreneur, mentor, human optimization enthusiasist, and the founder and CEO of Mobco.
From investing my Bar Mitzvah money to grow my business selling product on ebay to owning and running multiple 7-figure businesses, I’ve come a long way.
Over the past ten years, I have worked with leading Fortune 500 brands and promising start-ups in scaling their campaigns and business through strategic frameworks. Some of which include Amazon, Audible, and Mastercard.
During that time, I also started the Mobile Marketing College—a first-of-its-kind coaching and mentoring institute that trained over 3000 individuals in the art of building their own mobile app marketing business. I also created and hosted ‘Mobile Marketing IL,’—the first and largest Israeli Mobile Marketing Summit with over 1,000 attendants and founded Mobco Media.

In 2013, I established Mobco.

Three years later, I was honored to be listed as one of  Forbes’ 30 under 30 most promising entrepreneurs.
What started as a company of 2 has grown into over 30 people working from different offices across the globe, building exciting consumer brands, and working with brand founders and creators by becoming their executional, operational and growth marketing partner.

tomer han

By sharing my journey, the challenges I met, the solutions I employed to overcome these challenges, and my thoughts on navigating the intricate and dynamic world of brand building, I aim to deconstruct the process and approach to building brands

As a brand-building enthusiasist, over the years, I have helped many leading content creators and entrepreneurs from various industries in different niches to refine their brands to scale revenue and performance in the market using defined processes that accommodated their unique needs.

Now, I’m looking to partner with Founders, Creators, and Entrepreneurs to create and revamp unique and memorable brands that will stand the test of time.

I intend to provide essential insights that will help you simplify the process to scale growth and profitability in tangible ways.